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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Six shots

It is time to post my school project again!:)

In this film, we have to tell a story with a beginning,middle and end using only six shots. The most tricky part is each shot must be exactly 10 seconds in length. I think our teacher just wants us to suffer:(
I used 7 shots and all the shots have a different time length.-----I just couldn't do it!:O--------

I had the talented Lloyd Knight as my actor and we shot at the amazing photographer J.A.Overtoom's studio.Oh! and he kindly lent me his fantastic homemade dolly. Also I couldn't had even made this 1 minute short without much help from  my crew, Ramin, Brandon and Rus.:)

I used a Nikon 80mm-200mm f/2.8 and a Tokina 11mm-16mm f/.2.8 as well as my basic Sigma 24mm-70mm f/2.8. I rent them out from Hollywood studio rentals where I found excellent deals!

Ucla_Six shot film from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching again and have a nice turkey day!:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Artistic enlightenment

Chris's interview took me a long time to edit. Not just because of my hectic schedule but also I was really eager to capture Chris's essence like what makes Chris Wood  Chris Wood:)

After I observed many artists, I've reached one conclusion (which can be subjective:) They are somewhat handicapped!!:) which means, they seem to be not capable of doing anything else but make art. They are as stubborn as a donkey and as blind as a bat! However, like a blind man developing excellent hearing, these artists focus 100 percent into their art, contrasting their zero sense of dealing with reality:).and that makes their art out-stand from overflowing-arts. Personally, I am very jealous of this purity since I have a tendency of spreading out too you all know:)

Chris is an absolute handicap(sorry,dude.but you know what I mean) and his art needs to be exposed. One reason I started these interviews was to share some hidden talents and eventually somehow help them get up. I don't know how well I illustrated Mr.Wood,but just watching his work you will see the artistic enlightenment shines above his head:)

I can't wait to see his artwork hanging in some prestigious galleries in the near future.:)

niki's people map_Chris Wood from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

Thanks for giving the interview,Chris,
Thanks for watching!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


< This is not me drunk.>

< This is not me trying to find coins from tree trunk.>

This is me after I saw the performance of Noise Fold at REDCAT  last friday.


In much desperation, I shot it with an Iphone and posted it here. I know it is only a fraction of who they are and what they do, but I feel urge to share this.They deserve to get more spot light and enthusiastic claps. Because they are freaking great!!!!:P 

They performed only 5-6 times a year and they are not residents of California. It will be hard to catch them, but if they are playing around where you live, please GO! You will experience alive beautiful abstract paintings.

This is an "Artist statement" of NoiseFold.

NoiseFold from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching!
P.S: The sunset was very dramatic at that evening.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am poor.....poop!





This was my next orderly reaction when I found out that we have only $500 in our bank account.........T_T
This week feels like it's lasting forever, come on friday-hurry!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Me vs World

This is the world  I saw before age 7.

One day,when I was playing in the playground, I just realized "I can think!".It sounds abnormal, but the whole world looked different than before .I felt that I was a cave girl or a blind cow who just discovered "Fire!"

This is me "peeking at the world" before age 18.
I couldn't wait to get out into the bigger world! and how slow time moved at that age!
BTW time shoots by like a bullet train nowadays...:(

Early 20's. Just wasted away:)

Late 20's.I was living in adventure land. I fought,I took a chance and I experienced.


To be 20years...:)