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Friday, October 29, 2010


I've been taking a film directing class at UCLA extention recently. Ya, that's why my interviews haven't been updated quickly enough. The bad thing is I interviewed  excellent people before this new schooling kicked my ass.The footage is on my computer, I just need to edit....(sigh)....I shall do so soon!!
Anyway, here is what I've been learning and practicing at SCHOOL. (I love the word "school",much better than "work"!:)
The first assignment was called-Mise en Scene which dictates us to have only one constant shot,  no cuts- and the camera must be locked off. This exercise emphasizes composition and story content which is delivered within the frame. No sound, no music-my teacher references it as"Plain Vanilla":)

Ucla_Mise en scene from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

The second assignment was-Mood Film which we choose music(my choice was "Health") and make a short evoking the right mood for that music. No hand held camera -no sound.

Ucla_Mood film from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

So far it's been super fun except driving to Westwood-such a pain in my ass! What I realized the most was that this is a serious cooperation of many talents. I couldn't have done even a 1 minute short without the help from our team, Brandon, Ramin and Tim.  And of course actors are the key ingredients. Matthew was excellent and my friend Jeana saved my ass. I was panicking on shooting day because my actress didn't show up so I called Jeana up. Fortunately she was available. and I can't give more thanks to my guardian angel, Rus.:)
We have two more shorts to make this semester let's see if I can kick some ass!

I wrote "ass" 4 times in this post-me like!:)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We play in the streets.

Who's quote was it?

"The youth are beaming,but the youth with free souls make you blind"

I am fond of free souls. They don't seem to have any chains named- job,mortgage or saving account.....who knows,maybe they really want to have all of these. But who they are and what they do is just pure and beautiful for me. All the stories Justin told were like an adventure book, all  the music Blasting co. played was like an exotic drink.I don't want to see them become a big successful band who has a million dollar deal(sorry -guys:)) I hope they remain as true free souls seeking a better world as  musicians and human beings:)

You should go to see them live and just dance your worries away-and just be happy:)-which we all deserve.

The footage of Farmer's market was from elizemiliano on youtube. 
Thanks for giving the interview, Justin.
Thanks for helping with the interview, Jisung.
Thanks for watching. from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

Monday, October 4, 2010

How to make money.

1. Pick a male tree.

2. Pick female money.

 3. Leave them alone in a quiet place.

4. Sit under,this new born baby,the money tree and wait for the money leaves to fall.

 ............This is me procrastinating.........:(

I want to make an enclosed room which provokes people to see their inner selves.

Ju-yeon and I go way way back to our stupid early 20s. Now, we are grown up and standing on very different ground. But we've been calling each other to talk about  everything from guy problems to career struggles or to just talk about what the best water distiller is:)...

It's been kind of weird and fascinating to watch a friend who started with nothing but talent and passion and who now has had a solo show in National Museum of Woman in the Arts , here in the States.I know many of her hard stories and how she overcame them. Making art has been all the she has done and the only thing she wants to do.I admire her makes me feel like a total sell out.:)

I hope she can sell her installations one day.:)
FYI: She donated one of her installations(the sculpted one) to SCAD,  and the painting behind her was her painting which she sold to NMWA.

Thanks for giving the interview, Juyeon!
Thanks for watching.