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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Korean spa and Mr.Kong

I treated myself to a Korean spa today.
Swimming suits aren't allow in there, so basically everyone is butt naked.

I was thinking of my old friend Mr.kong who's parents were the owners of a spa in Korea.

He said when he was young, there was a secret hole that he could peak through for a nice free view of naked woman---bathing. I don't think that's a very romantic way to be exposed to naked woman for the first time but he liked it. I guess a live show is better than magazines or tapes:)

The last I heard about him he had a lots of kids and worked for some kind of pyramid scheme.

Wherever Mr.kong is and whatever Mr.kong is doing now, I hope he is as happy as he was 
 sneaking a glance at the woman's only spa.

ps:I am editing the next video interview now and it is taking a while. Please, stay tuned:)


  1. Wow, that show scene is hot! (O_O)

  2. haha!! Niki. Mrs. Kong would be upset if she were to read this... You have not written anything about me. Haven't you? It's scarry ... I know you know what we have done when we were young... ^^ from Potato Kim

  3. Gee hong the potato! Don't ever say a word to Kong family about this! I was secretly afraid to tell this story,because I knew someone out there who knows Mr.kong will read the story..and you know,I embellished it a little(blush!)...It's great that you read my blog tho!:)Be well and please stop by my blog whenever you get tired from work:)