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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Artistic enlightenment

Chris's interview took me a long time to edit. Not just because of my hectic schedule but also I was really eager to capture Chris's essence like what makes Chris Wood  Chris Wood:)

After I observed many artists, I've reached one conclusion (which can be subjective:) They are somewhat handicapped!!:) which means, they seem to be not capable of doing anything else but make art. They are as stubborn as a donkey and as blind as a bat! However, like a blind man developing excellent hearing, these artists focus 100 percent into their art, contrasting their zero sense of dealing with reality:).and that makes their art out-stand from overflowing-arts. Personally, I am very jealous of this purity since I have a tendency of spreading out too you all know:)

Chris is an absolute handicap(sorry,dude.but you know what I mean) and his art needs to be exposed. One reason I started these interviews was to share some hidden talents and eventually somehow help them get up. I don't know how well I illustrated Mr.Wood,but just watching his work you will see the artistic enlightenment shines above his head:)

I can't wait to see his artwork hanging in some prestigious galleries in the near future.:)

niki's people map_Chris Wood from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

Thanks for giving the interview,Chris,
Thanks for watching!


  1. wow i like this honest interview. i like his art. thanks niki!

  2. OH i love that you interviewed chris! he's so so talented.

  3. i very much enjoyed this. nice work and thanks for sharing chris' awesome work. i have a warm feeling now after seeing this casual and sincere piece of video.

  4. Great interview! Thanks for making this!