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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My days

This is the first week of my Hiatus. or speaking cruelly -laid off-or speaking nakedly-unemployed-
I made a long list of things to do, 3 months before this break. I was all enthusiastic and positive!!! I felt like I could conquer the whole world!

But this is what I have done.

I baked chocolate chip cookies for the first time in my life. Actually, I bought the pre made dough-but I BAKED them! That part wasn't too bad but the horrible thing was I couldn't stop eating them!


I surfed the internet ALL DAY under the name of "researching". I didn't take a shower, I didn't change and I didn't go outside once! I got a heavy headache after non stop surfing and felt stupid....:(

I found a GIGANTIC tick on Symore's neck.I got all panicky,couldn't do anything but wait for Rus the night knight to get back from work. He smashed it!!


Victor's one nail got completely pulled off!!Awful! I took him to the Vet and that took almost half of my day!Now he is wearing an awkward bandage sock:(

Not having a 9 to 5 job is making me super nervous,even though I hate it. It has been melting in my system for years, I feel like I am experiencing withdrawl...what a looser..:( Am I becoming a slave of the corporation?? Ok..I am getting too serious here.Time to stop blablabing.:)


  1. ack! i'd better put some medicine on gus. -____-

  2. think positive! hiatus could be a good thing (if it lasts only a few months..haha ) you could go travel, shoot a movie, and just be creative!

    and aww...poor victor. sorry to hear that..

  3. Thanks Rami for the sweet comment:)
    What's wrong with Gusbong?:O

  4. the tick drawing is the funnest thing ever! ahahahaha!