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Thursday, December 16, 2010


This film was HARD! Because we were given concept words-and mine was "slap"-and we had to built a story around it. I threw a couple of ideas out and this is what I ended up with. But I had so much fun working with FANTASTIC actors and using lights and different lenses. Most of all, telling this little story  through lights,mood,acting and editing, just using all we learned in  class was a great exercise for the last assignment of the semester.

Honestly,I am not sure where I am going with this now,but I am enjoying it.:)

P.S:......... I wasn't abused:)

Slap from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

Husband: Christian Magdu
Wife: Mary Walls

Director:Niki yang
D.P: Brandon Walls
Light/Grip:Ramin Taheri
Sound: Rus Brutsche

Thanks for watching and happy holidays!!!!!yay!:)

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