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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unfinished project_part1

I have done an unbelievable amount of unfinished projects in my life. One example, As you may have noticed, my interview project has quietly vanished.:)

I decided to give a little spotlight to those projects which have stayed in my drawers for years. Some were created with the purpose of pitching to a network, some were born just for the fun of it-to make a short. As you all understand, making an animated short is very challenging.Because of the requirement of an incredible amount of labor and time which is my lame excuse.:)....... One day, I shall make them!!

O.K-the first one is a story about a sister and her ten brothers who got cursed and were turned into ten Alligators. She must solve the riddle of this curse in order to turn her brothers back to normal. Sounds familier? yes-It is loosely based on an Andersen's fable.
Ummm.. It could be an animator's nightmare. Ten Alligators!:) The rainbowy flying fish-owl above, is her guardian.

I think I created the story to pitch to Frederator for their feature projects. I don't remember if I pitched this to them or not. 

P.s:If you find any interest in some of these unfinished projects-please let me know. I will finish them, if you invest in me!:)


  1. I think that your interview project was absolutely brilliant, Niki!!! I loved them and thought that they were really interesting and well done!!

  2. This is so beautiful. I recently graduated studying film/animation. I'm currently looking to build a career in animation, and I am so thankful that talented artists such as yourself have made your work viewable online! This is very charming work.

  3. I'm and undergrad studying animation right now and I'm so glad to see some 2D when all the emphasis is on 3D! Your work is so very inspiring!!