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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 9-Roma

Roma, roma, roma.....

Rome was one of my favorite city in my early 20's Europe trip. My 3 girl friends and I were marching down streets from morning to night, having so much fun. I still remember vividly, those breathtaking architectures and master art pieces.

The Rome that I found many years later, came through me differently. Probably because of my energy level is not as hight as when I was 21:) Rome was absolutely overwhelming (especially for our 3 days schedule!) and mayhem with traffics and tourists. Every where we went, even though March is considered as an"off" season, was packed with people. We moved one tourist spot to the others like huddle of cows:) We appreciated artworks and touched by masters. But after one day, I was totally exhausted! I still think that Rome is the one of -must visit before you die- cities--but we need at least 1 week to explore it:)

Here are some hot spots of Rome.

Spanish steps which got more famous after Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday".

lookout point! there is a Vatican in the back!(the second dome)

We visited Gallery Borghese, awed to the master collections. Especially, I was happy to see 6 Caravaggio's paintings.

people said that Trevi fountain is the biggest movie star in Rome.

Indeed,it is . Look at those people!

Rus tossed a coin backward,wishing his return to Rome in future!:)

So did I!!:)

A beautiful Bernini's work.

This stoic temple,Pantheon has been hanging around since AD 120!

So has people!:)

Another popular spot near by- piazza Navona!

By the time we reached Castle Sant'Angelo, we lost day light.
Whewwww...what a day!:)