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Monday, September 20, 2010

I wanted do something bigger than me,bigger than money and bigger than work.

When I asked Paolo about himself, he said "It's funny to talk about me because this Echo Park Film  Center is not about me, this place is about community, about the giving."

The more you share, the more you have. It goes against what capitalism and materialism teach us. but the people who think about the bigger picture rather than themselves are truly happy people and I confirmed that while I interviewed Paolo. And those people have auroras which heat our hearts:)

We need more people like Paolo Davanzo.
We need more social centers like EPFC.
We need more diversity.
We want to see more than boobs and robots.
We don't need anymore Starbucks:)

Thanks for giving the interview, Paolo.
Thanks for watching.

Niki's People Map_PaoloDavanza from Nikiyang on Vimeo.


  1. inspiring interview. great job! keep it coming! xo

  2. Excellent interview -- loved the animation/ titles/ editing too!

  3. thanks, jeana and guys are very generous.

  4. ooh...nice interview! i wasn't expecting an update but there were two new posts! :)

  5. Wow, nice filmmaking, very inspirational.