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Friday, September 24, 2010

Brain Animation

Wook and I sit 3 steps away from each other at work. But due to our heavy butts, we mostly talk through  chat, instead of visiting each other's desks.

And this is what she wrote to me today.
I though that was a brilliant idea, and it recalled to me the time when I went through my painful puberty.
I always felt like my brain was ingrown.

Perhaps there was a playful kitty messing with my "brain yarn ball". I wanted so badly that kitty to knit a beautiful sweater or something, so I could feel like a happy teen.

That long lasting puberty left me when I hit 26........shhhit,maybe it wasn't just puberty. 

 But a long story short, I liked the idea of animating my brain. I definitely will start with a brain fart scene:)

Ps:I am working on editing a longer interview than what I usually do. Please don't go away too far, I will entertain you with my daily drawings and motion doodles.:)


  1. you are doing great in updating! keep it going! I love your little doodles here. ;)

  2. I am doing great in commenting on you guys blogs too.:)

  3. I wanna see the brain fart scene!

  4. Rus, stop going crazy on commenting!:)thank you for all your support and love:)

  5. kkk. this is funny. i love your cartoons.

  6. i want to see the next one soon!