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Monday, October 4, 2010

I want to make an enclosed room which provokes people to see their inner selves.

Ju-yeon and I go way way back to our stupid early 20s. Now, we are grown up and standing on very different ground. But we've been calling each other to talk about  everything from guy problems to career struggles or to just talk about what the best water distiller is:)...

It's been kind of weird and fascinating to watch a friend who started with nothing but talent and passion and who now has had a solo show in National Museum of Woman in the Arts , here in the States.I know many of her hard stories and how she overcame them. Making art has been all the she has done and the only thing she wants to do.I admire her makes me feel like a total sell out.:)

I hope she can sell her installations one day.:)
FYI: She donated one of her installations(the sculpted one) to SCAD,  and the painting behind her was her painting which she sold to NMWA.

Thanks for giving the interview, Juyeon!
Thanks for watching.


  1. i love love love this interview. she's so inspiring. LOVE her work.

  2. i am a fan of her work. thanks for posting this finally! :)

  3. Her installation piece looks great. Thanks for sharing!