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Friday, October 29, 2010


I've been taking a film directing class at UCLA extention recently. Ya, that's why my interviews haven't been updated quickly enough. The bad thing is I interviewed  excellent people before this new schooling kicked my ass.The footage is on my computer, I just need to edit....(sigh)....I shall do so soon!!
Anyway, here is what I've been learning and practicing at SCHOOL. (I love the word "school",much better than "work"!:)
The first assignment was called-Mise en Scene which dictates us to have only one constant shot,  no cuts- and the camera must be locked off. This exercise emphasizes composition and story content which is delivered within the frame. No sound, no music-my teacher references it as"Plain Vanilla":)

Ucla_Mise en scene from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

The second assignment was-Mood Film which we choose music(my choice was "Health") and make a short evoking the right mood for that music. No hand held camera -no sound.

Ucla_Mood film from Nikiyang on Vimeo.

So far it's been super fun except driving to Westwood-such a pain in my ass! What I realized the most was that this is a serious cooperation of many talents. I couldn't have done even a 1 minute short without the help from our team, Brandon, Ramin and Tim.  And of course actors are the key ingredients. Matthew was excellent and my friend Jeana saved my ass. I was panicking on shooting day because my actress didn't show up so I called Jeana up. Fortunately she was available. and I can't give more thanks to my guardian angel, Rus.:)
We have two more shorts to make this semester let's see if I can kick some ass!

I wrote "ass" 4 times in this post-me like!:)

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