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Sunday, October 17, 2010

We play in the streets.

Who's quote was it?

"The youth are beaming,but the youth with free souls make you blind"

I am fond of free souls. They don't seem to have any chains named- job,mortgage or saving account.....who knows,maybe they really want to have all of these. But who they are and what they do is just pure and beautiful for me. All the stories Justin told were like an adventure book, all  the music Blasting co. played was like an exotic drink.I don't want to see them become a big successful band who has a million dollar deal(sorry -guys:)) I hope they remain as true free souls seeking a better world as  musicians and human beings:)

You should go to see them live and just dance your worries away-and just be happy:)-which we all deserve.

The footage of Farmer's market was from elizemiliano on youtube. 
Thanks for giving the interview, Justin.
Thanks for helping with the interview, Jisung.
Thanks for watching. from Nikiyang on Vimeo.


  1. i saw them playing at hollywood farmer's market once. i was with brad's family. we all had a great time watching them. thank you for going out there and filming them. amazing as usual.

  2. thanks jeana for your encouragement.That means a lot to me:) ya-I saw them many times in Farmer's market and i have been curious about them. I am glad that I captured them before they become the king of street:)